Bags& Celebrities: Meghan Markle shows us how to style the Zipped Bayswater


I am a huge Mulberry fan. The Bayswater bag of Mulberry is on my wishlist since forever (read that article here). However I love the Zipped Bayswater too! The design is quite different than that of the ‘classic’ Bayswater; as it doesn’t have the flap, so it is open at the top. However you can see that it is inspired by the Bayswater, because it does have the postman lock and the two strokes that lead from the handles at the top to the bottom.┬áThe Zipped Bayswater also has a baby sister, the Small Zipped Bayswater. I think I like the Small Zipped Bayswater more, because you can wear that one cross body. What I also love about the (Small) Zipped Bayswater are the belts at the top, that you can join together with the postman lock. Such a great detail!
A while ago I saw these pictures of Meghan Markle and I thought: ‘I love how she styled the Zipped Bayswater!!’. The bag has a very classy look, but you can definitely wear it as a day bag. She has the blue and the purple one, which are both gorgeous of course. I also love the Zipped Bayswater in green, black, oxblood and in oak natural.

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What’s in my bag?: The little bag by ‘Cowboysbag’


A while ago I wrote an article with practical information about my new bag, the Little bag by Cowboysbag (read it here). You should definitely read that article if you want to know something about the fabric it is made of and about the precise sizes of the bag.
In this article I am going to tell you what’s in my bag:
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