Bags& Celebrities: Meghan Markle shows us how to style the Zipped Bayswater


I am a huge Mulberry fan. The Bayswater bag of Mulberry is on my wishlist since forever (read that article here). However I love the Zipped Bayswater too! The design is quite different than that of the ‘classic’ Bayswater; as it doesn’t have the flap, so it is open at the top. However you can see that it is inspired by the Bayswater, because it does have the postman lock and the two strokes that lead from the handles at the top to the bottom. The Zipped Bayswater also has a baby sister, the Small Zipped Bayswater. I think I like the Small Zipped Bayswater more, because you can wear that one cross body. What I also love about the (Small) Zipped Bayswater are the belts at the top, that you can join together with the postman lock. Such a great detail!
A while ago I saw these pictures of Meghan Markle and I thought: ‘I love how she styled the Zipped Bayswater!!’. The bag has a very classy look, but you can definitely wear it as a day bag. She has the blue and the purple one, which are both gorgeous of course. I also love the Zipped Bayswater in green, black, oxblood and in oak natural.

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I’m in love with the Chloe Faye Day bag! <3


Omg guys!
I just saw this beautiful bag on the Instagram page of Chloé and I totally fell in love with it. I mean: how gorgeous is it!? It’s definitely on my wishlist now. They have it in three colors: Carbon Brown, Blush Nude and Tan. The first one, Carbon Brown, is my favorite. I read on the website of Chloé that it is inspired by the 70s. That’s why it has a retro look. I would definitely use it as a day bag. It has a nice size 32,5 x 25 x 13 cm, so it can fit all my personal stuff. What do you think of the Chloé Faye day bag?
Scroll down for more pictures of the Chloé Faye Day bag!

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My new bag! It’s Pink!

Hi girls!
I have a new bag! It’s from Loavies. I saw it a while ago and I fell in love with it. They have this bag in black, blue, pink and grey. I chose the pink one, because I think it can spice up every outfit. A lot of my bags are black (I love love love black bags). I was definitely thinking about buying this bag in black too, but I thought: I should get out of my comfort zone once in a while so… let’s go for the pink bag this time! It is my first pink bag and I love it.
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Designer bags that are on my wishlist since forever!

Do you also have some bags that are on your wishlist since… forever? I want to discuss four bags that are on my wishlist since the first time I saw them.
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The bags in the movie ‘Age of Adaline’


Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Age of Adalinde’. Blake Lively plays Adalinde, a woman who stopped aging at the age of 29. It is a nice movie, with a good story, because how do you live if you stop aging and keep looking like a 29 year old woman? People are going to notice and they want to have an explanation. Any how, I won’t spoil it for you by discussing the answers to this questions (some of you probably haven’t seen the movie yet). What I actually wanted to discuss with you are the lovely bags that Adaline used in the movie.
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