My First Outfit post! #ootd

Yay, you are reading my first outfit post! I took this picture of my outfit about a week ago and I am really happy with the result. To be honest with you I postponed this shoot for a long time, because an ‘outfit-post’ is totally out of my comfort zone. Before I uploaded this picture, I thought by myself: Do people even care about what I wear? But after I thought it over, I decided that: I really want to share the things that I like with you and that also includes sharing my outfits… So here we are!

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I’m in love with the Chloe Faye Day bag! <3


Omg guys!
I just saw this beautiful bag on the Instagram page of Chloé and I totally fell in love with it. I mean: how gorgeous is it!? It’s definitely on my wishlist now. They have it in three colors: Carbon Brown, Blush Nude and Tan. The first one, Carbon Brown, is my favorite. I read on the website of Chloé that it is inspired by the 70s. That’s why it has a retro look. I would definitely use it as a day bag. It has a nice size 32,5 x 25 x 13 cm, so it can fit all my personal stuff. What do you think of the Chloé Faye day bag?
Scroll down for more pictures of the Chloé Faye Day bag!

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