The Lady Dior Bag

There are those bags that are just iconic. They are classy and they will never go out of style. One of those bags is ‘the Lady Dior bag’ by Dior. It’s name fits it perfectly, because it is a very ladylike bag. However, the reason that it is called the Lady Dior bag is not because of its looks, but because Lady Diana had one too. She used it a lot, so it became her signature bag. Hence; the ‘lady’ Dior bag. It has two small top handles and it has a very detailed stitching (in the shape of a diamond).
These days, Marion Cotillard is the face of The Lady Dior bag (see the pictures below).
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The little bag by Cowboysbag


This is my new (cowboys)bag. It is called ‘The little bag’. I wanted a bag that is big enough to put a bottle and some school/work stuff in it, but that is not too big (so no ‘never full’ bag). I already heard about Cowboysbags from my friends so I thought: ‘maybe that would be a good option!’ I purchased this bag just a few days ago, so I can’t tell you anything about the wear and tear yet, but I will give you some practical information about the bag.  Continue reading “The little bag by Cowboysbag”

“Claudie” bag by Sophia Webster

😍 How cute is our Mini 'Claudie' bag, a Saturday staple ❤️🍥👉LinkInBio👈 #SophiaWebster #SophiaWebsterBags

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I would love to tell you about my profile picture on Instagram. The bag that is displayed on this picture is the “Claudie” Bag of Sophia Webster. It is definitely one of my favourite designer bags. Sadly I don’t have it in my collection (I am still saving up for it), but this bag is absolutely gorgeous. Sophia Webster launched her company in 2012. She has flamingos as her signature mark. You can see them on the bag. I think they are so cute. Down below you can also see the flamingo signature on the Coco pump.

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About I love these bags

Welcome to my blog ‘I love these bags’. On this blog I will share a lot of stories and pictures about bags. I will not only tell about the bags themselves, but also about the things you can put in bags and do with bags. Sometimes I will also discuss other accessories.
The reason that I am starting a blog about bags is of course because I love bags, but also; I want to be able to share a lot of information about bags. On this blog you will find reviews of bags, ‘whats in my bag’ articles and much more.
I hope to see you on my blog often!
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