New in: bags by Supreme x Louis Vuitton


Today Louis Vuitton launched a new collection of bags, shoes, clothes (and more) in collaboration with Supreme. In this article I will only discuss the bags, because my blog focusses mostly on bags.
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In Amsterdam with my Cowboysbag!


Hi girls!
A while ago I was in Amsterdam with a friend (maybe you have already seen some pictures of it on my Instagram). I took my Cowboys bag with me. It has the ideal size for a city trip. It is big enough for some necessities; I took a water bottle, some food, a little notebook and my phone with me. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we didn’t need a coat because it was quite warm.
Every time I am in Amsterdam, I am amazed by the beauty of this city; I mean those houses and those canals..! They are just gorgeous! There is so much to see in Amsterdam. My friend and I went to Amsterdam without a map. We started at the central station of Amsterdam and just randomly walked around. It was so much fun, sometimes you see more of a city when you just walk around without a plan, than when you are constantly busy with a map.
Down below you can see some of the pictures that I took. Have you ever been in Amsterdam?
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About I love these bags

Welcome to my blog ‘I love these bags’. On this blog I will share a lot of stories and pictures about bags. I will not only tell about the bags themselves, but also about the things you can put in bags and do with bags. Sometimes I will also discuss other accessories.
The reason that I am starting a blog about bags is of course because I love bags, but also; I want to be able to share a lot of information about bags. On this blog you will find reviews of bags, ‘whats in my bag’ articles and much more.
I hope to see you on my blog often!
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