A bag by Off- White: Such an eye catcher!

A few weeks ago I came across a picture of a simple black bag, with a very eye catching strap. The strap was bright yellow and there was a text on it. I was very impressed by it, because the bag itself was quite simple (black and a box), but the strap made the bag so interesting. I posted some pictures of this bag down below and I also found some information about the brand:

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Coming soon: The Chloe Mini Drew Bijou Shoulder bag


So I just saw this pretty little bag on the Instagram page of Chloé. How cute is it!? The name of this bag is the ‘Chloe Mini Drew Bijou Shoulder bag’ (a mouth full, isn’t it..?). The sad thing is that when I was looking for it on the website of Chloé, I could’t find it. I had typed the name ‘Drew’ in the search bar, but I only saw the ‘normal’ Drew bags (i.e. those that aren’t quilted). So I kept searching and luckily I finally found it between the ‘new arrivals’. I saw that they had this bag in 5 colors: in black, red, white, grey and in blushy pink. The black, red and white one have gold hardware and the grey and blushy pink one have silver hardware. The sizes of this bag are 20x 18x 7 cm (= 7.9 x 7.1 x 2.8 inch).
Sadly, you can’t buy them yet… They will hit the stores on 08-02-2018. So we have to wait a while. But guys, we can do that right? hahaha 🙂 I am definitely a fan of Chloé bags and I love quilted bags. It gives them something extra. And have you looked at the chain? It is so classy. I read that the chain is necklace- inspired. I love it.
I put some pictures of the Mini Drew Bijou Shoulder bag down below, so you can check them out!

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New in: Louis Vuitton Bags – Fall 2017

As you know I just love to look around on websites to spot bags that are new this season. A few days ago I looked on the website of Louis Vuitton and I saw that they added 70 new bags to their collection. I picked 10 bags that catched my eye. I posted pictures of them down below and I also wrote down what my first thoughts were when I saw the bags!

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I’m in love with the Chloe Faye Day bag! <3


Omg guys!
I just saw this beautiful bag on the Instagram page of Chloé and I totally fell in love with it. I mean: how gorgeous is it!? It’s definitely on my wishlist now. They have it in three colors: Carbon Brown, Blush Nude and Tan. The first one, Carbon Brown, is my favorite. I read on the website of Chloé that it is inspired by the 70s. That’s why it has a retro look. I would definitely use it as a day bag. It has a nice size 32,5 x 25 x 13 cm, so it can fit all my personal stuff. What do you think of the Chloé Faye day bag?
Scroll down for more pictures of the Chloé Faye Day bag!

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My new bag: The Philippine bag by Fabienne Chapot


I wanted to show you my newest bag! It is the ‘Philippine bag’ from Fabienne Chapot. I really needed a small bag that I can use when I am shopping. I always take big(ger) bags with me, but I noticed that my shoulders get quite sore after a while. So I was looking for a smaller and lighter bag that I can use to put my personal stuff in. I actually don’t even need a big handbag with me when I go shopping, because I never take much with me and I put all my purchases in a shopping bag.
I choose the blue one although I liked the red one and the black one too. The reason why I choose this one is, because the colour is vibrant and because I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection. I am really happy with it. I took it out for a few times now and it fits quite a lot.
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Trend: The leather belt bag

So I have seen a new bag- trend on the internet; it’s the belt bag! I remember that in the nineties we also wore these belt bags. I understand that they are a trend, because they are so practical! When you go to a festival with a belt bag, you have a bag with you, so you can take some stuff with you that does not fit in your pockets; but you don’t have a strap around your shoulder or something that you have to carry with you in your hand. Moreover, you can not lose this bag, because it is literally strapped around your body…
What I did notice was that a lot of people don’t carry it around their waist (like a belt), but wear it like this:
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In Amsterdam with my Cowboysbag!


Hi girls!
A while ago I was in Amsterdam with a friend (maybe you have already seen some pictures of it on my Instagram). I took my Cowboys bag with me. It has the ideal size for a city trip. It is big enough for some necessities; I took a water bottle, some food, a little notebook and my phone with me. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we didn’t need a coat because it was quite warm.
Every time I am in Amsterdam, I am amazed by the beauty of this city; I mean those houses and those canals..! They are just gorgeous! There is so much to see in Amsterdam. My friend and I went to Amsterdam without a map. We started at the central station of Amsterdam and just randomly walked around. It was so much fun, sometimes you see more of a city when you just walk around without a plan, than when you are constantly busy with a map.
Down below you can see some of the pictures that I took. Have you ever been in Amsterdam?
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Designer bags that are on my wishlist since forever!

Do you also have some bags that are on your wishlist since… forever? I want to discuss four bags that are on my wishlist since the first time I saw them.
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