New in: Louis Vuitton Bags – Fall 2017

As you know I just love to look around on websites to spot bags that are new this season. A few days ago I looked on the website of Louis Vuitton and I saw that they added 70 new bags to their collection. I picked 10 bags that catched my eye. I posted pictures of them down below and I also wrote down what my first thoughts were when I saw the bags!

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Designer bags that are on my wishlist since forever!

Do you also have some bags that are on your wishlist since… forever? I want to discuss four bags that are on my wishlist since the first time I saw them.
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What’s in my bag?: The little bag by ‘Cowboysbag’


A while ago I wrote an article with practical information about my new bag, the Little bag by Cowboysbag (read it here). You should definitely read that article if you want to know something about the fabric it is made of and about the precise sizes of the bag.
In this article I am going to tell you what’s in my bag:
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