Trend: The leather belt bag

So I have seen a new bag- trend on the internet; it’s the belt bag! I remember that in the nineties we also wore these belt bags. I understand that they are a trend, because they are so practical! When you go to a festival with a belt bag, you have a bag with you, so you can take some stuff with you that does not fit in your pockets; but you don’t have a strap around your shoulder or something that you have to carry with you in your hand. Moreover, you can not lose this bag, because it is literally strapped around your body…
What I did notice was that a lot of people don’t carry it around their waist (like a belt), but wear it like this:
I think it is an interesting way of wearing the belt bag. However, I don’t know whether I would wear it cross body myself… Would you?
Below I posted a few other pictures of the belt bag by Gucci. Officially it is named: GG Marmont matelassé leather belt bag. They have this bag in different colors and in different fabrics. I think some other brands will have a belt bag in their collection too, but this one I see a lot these days!
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