New in: bags by Supreme x Louis Vuitton


Today Louis Vuitton launched a new collection of bags, shoes, clothes (and more) in collaboration with Supreme. In this article I will only discuss the bags, because my blog focusses mostly on bags.
The collection
I definitely think it is an interesting collection and it is clear that both Supreme and Louis Vuitton had an influence on the bags. Both brands have their logo’s printed all over the bags. I also like the shapes of the bags. The ‘Keepall Bandoulière 45’ reminds me of a Speedy. My favorite piece out of collection is the trunk (see the first picture down below). I love the colour and how it is marked with the LV print and the Supreme logo.
The collaboration
Even though there were rumors about a collaboration between the brands since James Jebbia sat front row during a Louis Vuitton show; most people would not expect this collaboration. The brands are quite different (also to me). I mean, Louis Vuiton is more a luxury brand and Supreme sells streetware. However, I love how both styles of the brands came together in this collection!
The Louis Vuitton/ Supreme collection is available in pop- up stores. I posted some pictures of the bags down below. Take a look and let me know whether you like them!
The Christopher Backpack PM
Keepall Bandoulière 45
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 8.56.54 AM
screen shot 2017-01-19 at 8.59.24 am
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