Coming soon: ‘Amberley’ by Mulberry

Sometimes I like to look for the ‘new’ bags that still have to be released. This morning I was checking out and I saw a bag that is ‘coming soon’. It is the Amberley Satchel.
It will be a part of the Autumn Winter collection of 2017.  I like the hardware, especially the lock. I read on the site of Mulberry that it was inspired by the postman’s lock (this is the lock on, for example, the bayswater bag of Mulberry). If you look closely you can indeed see that it is a magnification of the centre of the postman’s lock. I think it is a very nice detail!
I also read that the bag was named after a street in London and that it got its satchel shape from traditional equestrian styling.
What do you think of the Amberley?
Amberley Satchel (small)HH4703_205A100_3HH4703_205D614_6
The Amberley
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