Designer bags that are on my wishlist since forever!

Do you also have some bags that are on your wishlist since… forever? I want to discuss four bags that are on my wishlist since the first time I saw them.
1. Balenciaga Classic City
I just love this bag. It has a classic look, but it also looks quite fierce, don’t you think? It is a bag you can take everywhere and because of the smooth leather it fits quite a lot. I like this bag in black leather with gold details, but I also love it in red and emerald green leather!

2. Mulberry Bayswater
This bag is on my wish list for quite a while now (at least 7 years XD). I remember that when I first saw it, it was about 495 euros, now a Bayswater bag costs 1295 euros. So actually I should have brought it then. Still going to buy this beautiful bag one day though!
3. The Chanel Classic Flap (of course…)
I think a lot of bag lovers have this one on their wishlist (or have already purchased it), but it is a very pricy bag. I heard the price of the Chanel Classic flap increased again a few months ago. Still, it is such a pretty bag!

4. The trio bag by Céline
It’s such a simple and classic bag. I just love it. I do have to admit that I was doubting whether this bag would be a good investment. I heard people say that the bag is not really practical. The bag consists of three bags/pockets and some people say that the side pouches come of quickly when you put too much stuff in it. However, there are other bloggers/reviewers that don’t report this problem. Still, I would definitely give this bag a try!

What designer bag is on your wishlist? 
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