The bags in the movie ‘Age of Adaline’


Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Age of Adalinde’. Blake Lively plays Adalinde, a woman who stopped aging at the age of 29. It is a nice movie, with a good story, because how do you live if you stop aging and keep looking like a 29 year old woman? People are going to notice and they want to have an explanation. Any how, I won’t spoil it for you by discussing the answers to this questions (some of you probably haven’t seen the movie yet). What I actually wanted to discuss with you are the lovely bags that Adaline used in the movie.
I love the classy look of bags with small handles. I already discussed my love for the Lady Dior bag, a bag that also has two small top handles  (read that article here). Blake/ Adalinde uses a lot of these bags in the movie.  Just take a look at all the pictures. They are so cute! Which one is your favorite? I love the bag that she wears with the green coat. It’s a simple, classy bag, but; I won’t mind getting the others either hahaha ;).





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