The Lady Dior Bag

There are those bags that are just iconic. They are classy and they will never go out of style. One of those bags is ‘the Lady Dior bag’ by Dior. It’s name fits it perfectly, because it is a very ladylike bag. However, the reason that it is called the Lady Dior bag is not because of its looks, but because Lady Diana had one too. She used it a lot, so it became her signature bag. Hence; the ‘lady’ Dior bag. It has two small top handles and it has a very detailed stitching (in the shape of a diamond).
These days, Marion Cotillard is the face of The Lady Dior bag (see the pictures below).
The Lady Dior bag was designed in 1996 and is still very populair.  It comes in different colours and in different types of leather (as you can see on the pictures).
Even though everyone knows this bag under the name ‘the Lady Dior bag’, it originally had a different name. The head designer of Dior, Gianfranco Ferré, had named it ‘Chouchou’ (which means ‘favourite’) in 1994. Two years later the bag was renamed to Lady Dior Bag.
Besides the two small top handles and the detailed stitching the bag has an other cute detail, namely the DIOR letters on the front (it looks a bit like a keychain). Also, if you want to have you hands free, you can wear the bag cross body by using the long cord that comes with the bag
What do you think of the Lady Dior bag?

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