The little bag by Cowboysbag


This is my new (cowboys)bag. It is called ‘The little bag’. I wanted a bag that is big enough to put a bottle and some school/work stuff in it, but that is not too big (so no ‘never full’ bag). I already heard about Cowboysbags from my friends so I thought: ‘maybe that would be a good option!’ I purchased this bag just a few days ago, so I can’t tell you anything about the wear and tear yet, but I will give you some practical information about the bag. 
Like I mentioned above: This is the ‘Little bag’ from the brand ‘Cowboysbag’. It is made of tanned leather. I purchased the bag in black. These are the sizes of the bag: B 32 x H 20 x D 14 cm. This bag comes in various sizes. Even though it is called ‘the little bag’, I wouldn’t consider this bag to be little. It can fit quite a lot!
My first impression is that it is a very pretty and practical bag. As you can see on the pictures down below; it has a big pocket in the middle, a smaller pocket on the back and two small pockets on the front side (it also has a small pocket with a zipper on the inside which you can’t see on the pictures).



It also has a very long strap, so you can wear it cross body!


I will write a whats-in-my-bag article asap & after a few months (or something) I will write a wear and tear article.
What do you think of my new Cowboysbag?

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